Share Enemeez® with Your Healthcare Providers

Share Enemeez® with Your Healthcare Providers
When we go to the doctor, we trust that they have our best interest at heart and will guide us in the right direction. A doctor-patient relationship is most effective when it’s reciprocal, however, and there are instances when patients are able to enlighten doctors on treatments and medications that have altered the course of their lives for the better - like Enemeez® products. 

Living with SCI Versus Treating SCI

People with spinal cord injury (SCI) are the only ones who truly understand the nuances of what it’s like to live with this condition. Over and above the physiological conditions doctors treat, there are many other factors that affect the quality of life, independence, and overall wellbeing of people with SCI.  Bowel Management Bowel management is one of the most impactful aspects of life for someone with SCI. If bowel management takes hours out of each day it inhibits a person’s autonomy and independence and has emotional and physical ramifications.  Consumers of Enemeez® products frequently tell us about how their lives changed when they began using our mini-enemas as an integral part of their bowel management program. Instead of hours, bowel management took minutes, allowing them to go about their daily lives with more comfort and freedom.  “Do you realize that I have wasted just over 1,300 hours in the restroom since my injury? This is almost 2 months’ time. I say wasted because if I had been using Enemeez® since my accident, I would have only been spending 12 mins [per day] on bowel care. Enemeez® is clearly the best thing that has happened to me in reference to bowel management.” 
  • Forrest, Alabama
Physicians can be misinformed about the most effective treatments for bowel care and recommend products that are ineffective, time-consuming, or that have unpleasant adverse side effects. “I’ve been in a chair over 13 years now and used Bisacodyl suppositories for the majority of that time. A couple of years ago I heard about this new product called Enemeez®. I’m always looking to improve my quality of life and the ad said ‘complete evacuation in 15 minutes’. I remember saying to myself ‘yeah, right’ but since my routine at the time was taking up to an hour and a half I was desperate to try anything. The first time I used it I couldn’t believe it. I was done in about 15 to 20 minutes. Needless to say, I’ve been using it ever since.”
  • John, Phoenix, AZ

Give Hope to Others with SCI

When people living with SCI or spinal disease share their stories of overcoming challenges, they give hope to others. This holds true with doctor relationships as well. Physicians are typically eager to hear first-hand experiences from patients who have had success with treatments and products so they can spread the word and help others. By sharing your experience with your doctor about how Enemeez® has helped you, you aren’t just reaching one person. You’re reaching other patients who may be struggling with their bowel program who could be helped by incorporating Enemeez® into their bowel program, too. “For over 15 years, Enemeez® has helped me create an extraordinary quality of life for myself. Maintaining a reliable and healthy bowel program is critical to being able to fulfill my professional and personal goals on a daily basis. Living with an SCI is a daily challenge, but the key is having peace of mind. A bowel program can be quite frustrating, so I am quite fortunate to use a product like Enemeez® that lets me do what I have to do, be where I need to be, and go where I want to go in life.” - Scott, regular user, and T-6, T-7 paraplegic Patient advocacy is an important aspect of building a strong, healthy community. We encourage you to share your Enemeez® story with your physician, caregiver(s), and others.  When we come together as a community and share our challenges, opportunities, and successes, everyone benefits.  Click below to download a one-page PDF document as an easy way to share information with anyone who could benefit from adding Enemeez® mini-enemas to their bowel management program.  >> DOWNLOAD OUR PATIENT ADVOCACY FLYER <<

Join the Thrive Community!

Elderly women with SCI If you aren’t already a member, join the Enemeez® Thrive Community Facebook Group, an ever-growing, private space for any person with a disability, as well as the caregivers and healthcare providers that touch their lives. Our purpose is to provide a safe, educational space for group members to ask every question, connect with their peers, and empower each other through communication and connection. Our conversations are led by incredible individuals who themselves are living and thriving.