DocuSol® Kids, a First-of-Its-Kind Formulation

Many over-the-counter treatments for children’s constipation contain bisacodyl, a known irritant. DocuSol® Kids, a first-of-its kind formula, does not. The non-irritating DocuSol® formulation functions as a stool-softening, hyperosmotic laxative by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues, replicating a normal bowel stimulus. This unique formulation provides children ages 2–12 fast, predictable relief of constipation.

DocuSol® Kids was designed for easy use at home. The DocuSol® Kids tube is designed to offer a minimally invasive, soft, and flexible tip, avoiding any scratching or irritation to the skin. Just a 5 milliliter tube delivering 100mg of docusate sodium, the medication provides fast relief in just a few, easy steps! See package for instructions.

Fast, predictable results typically in 2-15 minutes.

How do children get constipated?

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