About the ENEMEEZ® Mini Enema

If you are dealing with the discomfort of constipation, you are not alone.
Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal conditions, affecting nearly 42 million Americans, and this number grows each year.
People at risk for acute constipation include those with imposed immobility, a change in routine (such as traveling), changes in diet, stress (hello 2020), and certain medications (opioids are one of the most common).
Those who often deal with chronic constipation include people with inadequate nutrition, poor hydration, aging, and cognitive or functional impairment.
Regardless of the cause of constipation, everyone feels the same way: you want relief from symptoms as quickly and safely as possible.
Many people turn to a stool softener as a first course of action against short-term (acute) constipation, as it is typically gentler on your system and has mild side effects.
Stool softeners work by drawing fluid from the intestines and absorbing it into stool, softening it and making it easier to pass. There are many choices of laxative products, so it’s important to be informed before deciding which will work best for your situation.
Note: Always consult your physician before taking any constipation medication.

ENEMEEZ® Mini Enemas Work Quickly and Effectively

ENEMEEZ® Mini Enemas Work Quickly and Effectively

The ENEMEEZ® mini enema is available in two formulations designed to relieve constipation quickly: ENEMEEZ® and ENEMEEZ® Plus. Unlike most large volume enemas, these unique mini enemas use only a few drops of liquid, and will not cause afterburn. A mini enema is ideal for use when a fast, predictable bowel movement is desired with minimal volume. The ENEMEEZ® mini enema delivers 283mg of docusate sodium and draws water into the bowel from surrounding tissues. This softens the stool and promotes a bowel movement typically in 2-15 minutes. No waiting overnight! You can relieve your constipation and get on with your life. ENEMEEZ® Plus has the same active ingredients but contains an additional 20mg of benzocaine that helps anesthetize the rectum and lower bowel. The formulation works well for individuals with hemorrhoids, fissures, or painful bowel movements.

Benefits of ENEMEEZ®  and ENEMEEZ® Plus

Our mini enemas are designed with comfort and at-home ease-of-use in mind. Each tube has a flexible tip and a non-irritating formula that helps avoid adverse side effects like cramping and bloating. The easy rectal usage works well for people with nausea or reflux issues as well. Both are affordably priced and conveniently packaged in a 5-count box. ENEMEEZ® products are available for purchase at HEB, Rite-Aid, and Amazon (ENEMEEZ® & ENEMEEZ® Plus).

What Consumers Say About ENEMEEZ® and ENEMEEZ® Plus

The ENEMEEZ® consumer reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the effectiveness of ENEMEEZ® products. Here’s what some customers have to say: “I love that these are small, portable, fast, and gentle. No harsh drug laxative like regular-sized enemas, and they fit easily in a purse or travel bag. They work fast enough (on me, anyway) and they’re discreet enough that I can use them in public restrooms. They are an absolute must-have if you suffer from occasional constipation as a side effect of medications, like CGRP-blockers, or from things like traveling.” ~ Verified Purchase, Amazon.com, about ENEMEEZ® Plus
“These are a life-saver! I pack these when I go on vacation. They’re so easy to use and effective. I highly recommend it!” ~ Verified Purchase, Amazon.com, about DocuSol®
“Works very fast and painlessly. If you are constipated from opioid painkillers after surgery this is the answer. If I could give this product 10 stars I would.” ~ Verified Purchase, Amazon.com, about DocuSol®  Plus
“I suffer from neuropathic pain, and paralysis in my legs and peri-anal area, I require the use of regular pain meds. I eat LOTS of veggies, drink plenty of water, and avoid all constipating foods....None of these things helped...A surgery required the help of a home health nurse, and she recommended ENEMEEZ® to me. What a change these little mini enemas made in my chronic constipation!” ~ Verified Purchase, Amazon.com, about ENEMEEZ®
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