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Bowel Care.



Minimizing Bowel Care.
Maximizing Lives.

Life is Short. Enemeez® works fast.

Who among us would feel confident if we could not trust our continence? Instead of 2–15 minutes per day to attend to bowel needs, how would we tolerate planning every day around a process that takes several hours? Enemeez® has been a preferred and trusted formula assisting patients improve their bowel care needs for more than 15 years. The convenient twist-off tip makes Enemeez® easy to administer for safe and effective bowel care needs.


Fast and Predictable

Fast, predictable results, typically in 2–15 minutes1. Non-irritating formula. No afterburn.

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Non-irritating Formula

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we developed Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus to be as gentle as possible. You’ll appreciate our non-irritating formula with no afterburn.


Assists with Incontinence

May virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence2, helping to maintain healthy skin integrity.


Easy to Use

Easy rectal usage for patients with reflux issues or nausea. Soft latex-free tube. Minimal volume—a 5 milliliter tube delivering 283mg of docusate sodium.

1Federal Register / Vol. 50, No. 10 / Tuesday, January 15, 1985 / Proposed Rules; pgs 2124–2158.
2Alliance Labs in-house research. Customer Survey 4.27.2011


Choose to Thrive!

The Thrive Community Facebook Group is a private space for any person with a disability, as well as their caretakers and healthcare providers that touch their lives. Our purpose is to provide a safe, educational space for group members to ask questions, connect with their peers, and empower each other through communication and connection. Our conversations are led by incredible individuals who themselves are thriving. You are welcome here!


How It Works

The Enemeez® formulation functions as a stool-softening, hyper-osmotic laxative by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues. The docusate sodium acts as a softener by preparing the stool to readily mix with watery fluids. The increased mass of stool promotes a bowel evacuation by stimulating nerve endings in the bowel lining and initiating peristalsis. Not only does it soften and loosen the stool, but it initiates a normal, replicated stimulus.

Enemeez® Plus contains 20mg of benzocaine, assisting in the anesthetization of the rectum and lower bowel. This formulation was developed for patients who experience autonomic dysreflexia, hemorrhoids, fissures, or painful bowel movements.

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