Enema for Kids: What You Need to Know

Enema for Kids: What You Need to Know
When a child is constipated, especially if they experience frequent constipation, parents want to help relieve their symptoms and get their child back on a regular bowel regimen. There are many enema products available to relieve child constipation, so it can be confusing to know what is safe and effective for children. Not all enema products are recommended for children, so it’s important to understand the differences between them, and their side effects. Parents and pediatricians prefer mini-enemas as they are safe, fast-acting, and have no harmful or irritating side effects, like afterburn or intestinal distress. Note: it’s important to consult a physician before using any constipation medication.

Main Cause of Constipation in Children

There are several factors that lead to constipation in children, and one of the most common is bathroom avoidance. Called "stool withholding," children refuse to use the bathroom and this causes frustration in parents and often leads to chronic constipation and incontinence in children. “If someone asked me, “What is the most surprising part of being a parent?” I think I would have to respond, “How much time I spend trying to convince my kids to poop.” Seriously! Kids, on principal, do not like to poop and often need a little help moving things along. I think this is especially true when you start potty training. I’m potty training my youngest right now and he keeps doing the “holding it” thing. Since this is an issue all parents will experience eventually, I thought I would share some tips on keeping your kiddos regular and what to do when they aren’t.” —Chandra F. Oh Lovely Day Stool withholding is typically related to a child’s prior experience passing a hard or painful stool and as a result fearing it will happen again. Chronic constipation and incontinence can lead to larger generalized bathroom anxiety. Stool withholding can also develop into far more serious problems, including dangerous constipation, bedwetting issues, leakages and even urinary tract infections. It is important to treat constipation in children as soon as possible, before these issues occur. An enema regimen allows the rectum to stay empty, shrink back to size, and regain normal sensation. It is this healing process, more than the initial clean out, that resolves toileting problems.

About Laxatives for Children

Constipation medications can be broken down into the following general categories:
  • Stool Softeners

Stool softeners can be taken orally or rectally, and are effective for mild or occasional constipation. They are considered safe for children, and have few (if any) side effects. Because s stool softener increased the amount of moisture in the stool, it allows for a more comfortable bowel movement, one that should not require straining. The main ingredients in stool softeners are docusate sodium and docusate calcium. Oral stool softeners can take 12 – 72 hours to be effective; DocuSol® Kids (rectal) works within 2 – 15 minutes.
  • Hyperosmotic Laxatives

Hyperosmotic laxatives are gentle, mild, and considered safe for use with children. They are more effective if the child increases fluid intake to increase hydration in the digestive system.These laxatives increase the amount of water in the intestines to allow easier passage of stool, and may be taken orally or rectally. The main ingredients in hyperosmotic laxatives are polyethylene glycol and glycerin.
  • Stimulant Laxatives

Stimulant laxatives are an option for fast relief from painful constipation, but due to the uncomfortable side-effects are not the first choice for children.These can be administered orally or rectally, and work by stimulating the rectal muscles, activating them to push stool out. The main ingredients in stimulant laxatives are bisacodyl and sennosides.
  • Lubricant Laxatives

Lubricant laxatives can be taken orally or rectally, and are an option for fast relief from painful constipation, but due to the uncomfortable side-effects are not the first choice for children.These are taken orally or rectally, and work by coating stool in a lubricant, making it slippery and easier to pass. The main ingredient in lubricant laxatives is mineral oil.

Mini-Enemas for Children

DocuSol® Kids mini-enemas are the preferred choice by parents dealing with children who routinely avoid using the bathroom and become constipated. This problem is most often experienced by preschool children, but can affect children of all ages. DocuSol® Kids is a simple, non-irritating formula designed for quick and easy use. If constipation is not dealt with early, this issue can last into adulthood.

DocuSol® Kids Can Help!

DocuSol® Kids is a first-of-its-kind, mini enema with a non-irritating formula that functions as a stool-softening, hyperosmotic laxative by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues, replicating a normal bowel movement. This unique formulation provides children ages 2–12 fast, predictable relief of constipation within 2 – 15 minutes. DocuSol® Kids was designed for easy use at home. The DocuSol® Kids tube is designed to offer a minimally invasive, soft, and flexible tip, avoiding any scratching or irritation to the skin. Just a 5-milliliter tube delivering 100mg of docusate sodium, the medication provides fast relief in just a few, easy steps! Learn more about DocuSol® Kids on our website, including where to buy, doctor tips, family resources, and frequently asked questions.     Disclaimer: The material contained is for reference purposes only. Alliance Labs, LLC and Summit Pharmaceuticals do not assume responsibility for patient care. Consult a physician prior to use. Copyright 2020 Summit Pharmaceuticals and Alliance Labs, LLC.   Sources: https://www.healthline.com/health/constipation/stool-softeners-laxatives https://www.verywellhealth.com/before-you-use-stool-softeners-1944786 https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/constipation.html https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322621.php#natural-stool-softeners https://www.parents.com/toddlers-preschoolers/everything-kids/the-shocking-danger-of-constipation-in-kids/ https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/docusol-kids-mini-enemas-used-for-constipation-related-to-childhood-bathroom-avoidance-300824039.html