As we head into the winter holiday season, we tend to focus on our families. And that’s exactly what the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation does.

Hopeless. Alone. Overwhelmed. Broken.

These are just a few words to describe the thoughts racing through the mind of a victim of a spinal cord injury, and their family as well. There are more than one million U.S. families affected by spinal cord injuries – and the entire family is emotionally and financially impacted by this life-changing event.

There are numerous SCI-related foundations that have touched many people’s lives. Most of these focus on either the victim or the victim’s family, but not both at the same time. The Triumph Foundation focuses on helping and rebuilding the entire family as a whole.

Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation has broken its assistance into three main categories:

  • The initial onset of illness or injury
  • Adapting to life after the illness or injury
  • An escape from the stress caused from the illness or injury

Grief Counseling is provided at no charge for patients as well as their families.  Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation continues to expand its national network of grief counselors, to provide families hope in their time of need.

Returning home after an extended hospital stay can be the hardest adjustment of all. Being back in a familiar setting often times is when the severity of the tragedy sinks in. The home surroundings are the same as they had left them, but the person is different. Depression can set in, only further complicating the situation. Triumph Over Tragedy provides hope and assistance to families.

For more information on the foundation, to make a donation, or to read the stories of foundation recipients, please visit

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