The word Triumph means to have great victory or achievement.  The mission of the Triumph Foundation “is to provide resources to the newly injured and to triumph over their injury so they can continue with life”.  Andrew Skinner, the executive director and founder of the Triumph Foundation, is a C4-6 quadriplegic.  He sustained his injury from a snowboarding fall at his family’s cabin in Lake Arrowhead, CA during Thanksgiving weekend in 2004.  Andrew attributes his ability to overcome the numerous obstacles during rehabilitation from the resources and education his mentors provided.  After transitioning back into the community, Andrew decided he wanted to “Pay it Forwards” to the newly injured.  In 2008, Andrew started the Triumph Foundation.  During their first year, the foundation brought Care Baskets to the newly injured at rehab during the holidays, giving out 5 baskets that holiday season.  Andrew knows all too well the importance of helping those in rehab during the holidays since he celebrated Christmas in rehab with his family too.  Today, the Triumph Foundation delivers more than 200 baskets to numerous hospitals in California throughout the year to the newly injured.  The Foundation also offers a Keep Moving Forward Grant to assist the injured in need of financial assistance because they’re uninsured or underinsured and need equipment to provide the injured with independence.  Andrew’s ultimate goal is to assist the spinal cord injury community to Triumph in their road to recovery.  For more info on Andrew Skinner and the Triumph Foundation, please visit:

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