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The development of adaptive clothing has greatly increased the freedom and independence of disabled persons. And toward that end, it has been a great blessing, but unfortunately so many of the adaptive clothing options out there are a bit out of touch on the fashion front.

Of course, the first priority of adaptive clothing should needs be its usefulness for people with disabilities. But that doesn’t mean it has to totally ignore our desire to look and feel like our best selves. Fortunately, the last decade has brought an increase in adaptive clothing options that don’t ignore the need for fashion.

Today we’ll look at five places to go for adaptive clothing that doesn’t check their fashion sense at the door (click on the headings for website links).


This clothing line offers a unique solution to the problem of button-up dress shirts. MagnaReady has helped to solve this problem by using magnets to avoid the need for difficult-to-use traditional buttons without sacrificing the look and quality of a fine dress shirt. Coming in both men’s and women’s styles, these shirts look and feel just like a traditional shirt.

AG Apparel

While many adaptive clothing lines are offering nothing but muumuus, AG apparel is crafting fresh and fun options for women. They have a large line of products, including jackets, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, and swimwear. What’s more, AG Apparel offers custom made items for both men and women.

ABL Denim

Everyone loves a good pair of jeans, and ABL Denim is here to fill that need in the adaptive clothing market. These high-end pants and shorts offer the quality of designer jeans, with the needs of people with limited mobility in mind. As with all designer clothes, there is a premium price tag; but the quality justifies the prices.


JLine focuses on creating high-quality clothing that meets the needs of disabled adults by combining functionality with style and comfort. They offer fashionable wheelchair jeans, magnetic dress shirts, zippered and Velcro sweatpants, and open-back jackets. JLine is leading the way with mainstream-styled adaptive clothing.

Koolway Sports

Founded in the great northern expanse of Canada, Koolway Sports offers cold-weather outerwear tailored to users of wheelchairs. Koolway offers a range of coats, blankets, hoods, capes, boots, and other accessories. Koolway allows wheelchair users to stay warm without sacrificing their desire for fashionable and stylish options.

Adaptive Clothing

Living with a disability doesn’t mean you are limited to soft loungewear. The adaptive clothing industry is evolving to incorporate fashion-forward options along with the more traditional loungewear.

With these fashionable and trendy clothing lines, you can look and feel your best when getting out and about. Whether you need fresh summery wear or a cold-weather parka, there are plenty of options that keep one eye on fashion while also making your life easier.

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