Anthony Netto was always involved with golf.  For years, he taught the sport of golf to others in his home country of South Africa, as well as running schools in Europe and Germany.  In 1991, Anthony was in the South African Military and fought in the Gulf War, whereby he was shot and became a paraplegic.  After rehab and returning home, Anthony started to slowly return to golf.  As much as he began to overcome numerous obstacles, life instantly changed for Anthony in 1994 when a drunk driver hit him, leaving Anthony as an incomplete quadriplegic.  Knowing he lost more feeling and movement from the second injury, Anthony was determined to develop a chair that would get him back on the greens.  He wanted the best recreational chair that would allow him to continue to teach as well as provide health benefits to the disabled.  In 2011, the ParaMobile (aka ParaGolfer) and the Stand Up and Play Foundation became Anthony’s mission in life.  The ParaMobile is an all-terrain three-wheeled chair that can withstand 30 degree slopes, sand traps and embankments.  Although Anthony initially invented and designed the ParaMobile to assist in playing golf, today it’s used for various recreational activities such as fly fishing, archery, skeet shooting, and, most recently, a groom used the ParaMobile to dance with his bride.  Anthony and the Stand Up and Play Foundation’s ultimate mission is to educate the disabled about the importance of standing and the health benefits it provides.  Anthony plans in the future to develop additional programs and chapters.  If you’re interested in the ParaMobile, visit:

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