Enemeez® 30 Disposable 5ML Single Use Tubes


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Each disposable 5ML single use tube contains:

Active Ingredient: Docusate Sodium 283mg

Inactive ingredients: Glycerin and Polyethylene Glycol

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Fast and Predictable

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus work fast, typically within 2-15 minutes1. Minimizing your bowel care. Maximizing your life.

Easy to Use

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus is perfect for patients with reflux issues or nausea. Easy rectal usage.

Assists with Incontinence

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus can virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence2 with no mucosal discharge, which helps to maintain healthy skin integrity3.

Non-irritating Formula

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we developed

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus to be as gentle as possible. Non-irritating formula. No after-burn.


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