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Docusate Sodium 283mg (stool softener).
Benzocaine 20mg (topical anesthetic).
Inactive ingredients: Medicinal soft soap base of Glycerin and Polyethylene Glycol.

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Fast and Predictable

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus work fast, typically within 2-15 minutes. Minimizing your bowel care. Maximizing your life.

Assists with Incontinence

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus can virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence with no mucosal discharge, which helps to maintain healthy skin integrity.

Easy to Use

Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus is perfect for patients with reflux issues or nausea. Easy rectal usage.

Non-irritating Formula

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we developed Enemeez® and Enemeez®> Plus to be as gentle as possible. Non-irritating formula. No afterburn.

Enemeez® contains a delivered dose of 283mg of docusate sodium. This non-irritating formula provides fast predictable results typically within 2-15 minutes. Enemeez® products have been shown to be effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury and disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, stroke and general constipation.

Enemeez® Plus contains an additional 20mg of benzocaine, assisting in the anesthetization of the rectum and lower bowel. The formulation was developed for patients who experience painful bowel movements, hemorrhoids, fissures or autonomic dysreflexia.