When world-famous Olympic athlete Amy Van Dyken became the victim of a spinal cord injury as a result of an all terrain vehicle accident, the public watched the news story with disbelief.

Amy was in the national spotlight for many years as an athlete, and after the life-altering accident she was thrust into the spotlight as a person with a spinal cord injury.

Amy’s positive attitude has proven to every person with a spinal cord injury that you have the choice of how to deal with the curve balls that life sometimes throws you. Amy is changing lives with the funds her foundation raises, as a spokesperson for the non-profit and as a motivational speaker.

Just 10 months after her accident, Amy was getting out and seeing friends and living life the best way she knew how. The six-time gold medalist hopes to inspire others living with spinal cord injuries to do the same. She was appointed captain of Team Reeve, the fundraising arm of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, and has been very involved with spreading positive messages to other people with spinal cord injuries.

Also, the foundation uses funds that are donated to the organization to, in turn, donate medical equipment to those who cannot afford it.

Amy continues to live life to the fullest, in many ways very differently than she ever thought she would. Her positive attitude and drive to make the best of her situation is inspiring and gives hope to others in a similar situation. Check out the foundation’s website for articles on medical advancements in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, great resources for patients, to read more about Amy’s Army and what they’re doing for the SCI community and to see more of Amy’s personal story at www.amyvandyken.org.

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