On June 23, 2007, Matt Carter celebrated his 21st birthday while a student at the University of North Florida, double majoring in Business Administration and Transportation Logistics.  Matt was your typical college student, attending classes, studying for exams, living independently and enjoying college life.  On July 19, 2007, Matt experienced a spontaneous epidural hematoma, a blood accumulation in the spinal column.  Instantly, Matt sustained a spinal cord injury at the T2-T4 level, leaving him with no motor or sensory function below his injury, wheelchair bound and uncertain about his future.  He went to inpatient and outpatient therapy and admired how the therapists helped him regain his quality of life. Thereafter, physical therapy became a field Matt was intrigued in.  After therapy, Matt was determined to return to school and become a physical therapist because he had first-hand knowledge and experience to assist the needs of the newly injured.  In 2014, he graduated from the University of Florida with a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.  While in the physical therapy program at the University of Florida, Matt interned at Neuroworx, which is a nonprofit, community-based, outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing on neurological rehabilitation in Sandy, Utah.  He enjoyed Neuroworx so much he applied to work there.  Today, Matt is a full-time physical therapist at Neuroworx.  He sees patients every hour, no different than any other physical therapist, whereby he’s assisting the newly injured at the lowest point of their lives, bringing them hope, neurological resources, and a mentor ship to maximize their independence and “never give up.”  Ultimately, Matt wants to “pay-it-forward” by assisting and advocating for the neurological community.

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