Twelve years ago, Chris Holcomb’s life was running smoothly; he was an active father and employee for a great company.  On August 28, 2004, Chris was driving home on Interstate 95 when he suddenly lost control of his car and slammed into a tree.  All he remembers after waking up 48 days later from an induced coma is he’s now a C7 complete quadriplegic.  It was at this time he thought life was over, no more being a father, independent, or employed.  Upon discharge, Chris kept to himself, away from society until his sister one day drove him to a South Florida Rattler’s Quad Rugby game.  His sister’s mission was for Chris to witness that there’s life after a spinal cord injury.  Chris vividly remembers “watching from my power chair quads with higher injuries than me pushing these armored-like chairs, and not one using a power chair for their day chair like me.”  This was the day Chris changed his outlook on living with a spinal cord injury.  Motivation was his new goal and was determined to set the bar high to achieve this goal.  Shortly after the introduction to rugby, Chris started to use a manual wheelchair, became independent, went back to work full-time, and played for the South Florida Rattler’s team.  Chris credits rugby for saving his life.  Today, you can find Chris working from his new home in Cedarville, Georgia, traveling the world to compete in push-rim wheelchair racing and rugby tournaments, mentoring newly spinal cord injured and, most importantly, being an inspirational father.

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