Wooden blocks that spell out "career" surrounded by multi colored arrows

Hello Thrive Community! 

With October being National Disability Employment Month, I thought we should examine the possibilities of you getting back to work, starting to work, changing careers, or even just beginning to think about working or a career if you are not quite at that age to be employed yet.

If there is ever a time to consider working, yes with your disability, the time is now.  People are hiring people with all types of disabilities now more than any other time in our country’s history.  Does this mean it is easy to get a job?  No.  It is not easy for anyone, with or without a disability, but you tell me the last time you did something meaningful that was really easy?

Living with a disability, you know what a challenge is and how to rise above and beyond that challenge.  This is just another example of a challenge.

While I realize that there are fears and trepidation that are running through you at the thought of working, which are normal, I am letting you know that there are people, right now, with very little movement in their bodies who are thriving in full time and part time work.


So let me be the first one to say that you can do it!

Yes, it is going to take some thinking and creativity to manage your disability and a full time or part time career, but you, like so many others, will find a way. The world needs your talents and skillset and you need to fulfill your purpose in life…whatever that may be!

Start that journey today!

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Scott Chesney
Commander in Change