Spinal Cord Injury Skin Hygiene

Spinal Cord Injury Skin Hygiene During the Summer Months

We hope you are having a wonderful summer! To celebrate summer fun, Enemeez would like to offer you a special $10 coupon in celebration. Please use code SUMMERFUN2019 to receive your exclusive offer. Caring for Your Skin in the Heat As temperatures heat up there is a higher chance of skin-related issues, such as infections, for […]

Hyundai’s Exoskeleton Iron man Suit

Exoskeleton Technology Will Help People with Spinal Cord Injury Hyundai Motor Group and other major motor vehicle companies are developing a promising new exoskeleton technology which could provide increased mobility for people with spinal cord injury. By using the highly advanced autonomous (self-driving) vehicle technology and adapting it to be compatible with personal use, it[…..]

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What Causes Periodic Paralysis?

What is Periodic Paralysis? So much time is spent talking about spinal cord injuries and the resulting paralysis the periodic paralysis often gets overlooked. Periodic paralysis (or sometimes called temporary paralysis) is caused by a genetic mutation and is passed from parent to child. Periodic paralysis is relatively rare, and so it is often misdiagnosed and[…..]

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Quick Guide to Air Travel with a Wheelchair

Traveling by air is a real blessing of the modern world, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful. Flying somewhere requires extensive planning and preparation – especially if you’re dealing with a disability and a wheelchair. We’ll cover each aspect from flying – from arriving at the airport to arraigning for ground transportation at your[…..]

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Stylish & Adaptive Clothing Brands

The development of adaptive clothing has greatly increased the freedom and independence of disabled persons. And toward that end, it has been a great blessing, but unfortunately so many of the adaptive clothing options out there are a bit out of touch on the fashion front. Of course, the first priority of adaptive clothing should[…..]

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Driving After a Spinal Cord Injury

For so many people, especially in America, driving is a big part of our lives. And while that idea has recently been weakened with improved public transportation and walkable neighborhoods, vehicular travel is still a daily routine for many people. One common struggle after a spinal cord injury comes from the loss of mobility and[…..]

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8 of the Most Exciting Developments in Spinal Injury Repair

Over the last 75 years, there have been massive advances in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries. Where a spinal cord injury (SCI) once meant a lifetime confined to a hospital bed. Now advances in technology and treatment have given new life to those who have suffered an SCI. As medical and technological[…..]

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Cold Weather Safety After an SCI

For those of us who live in cold weather climates, winter means serious business. Impassable roads and power outages are a regular part of life. When you add to complications of a spinal cord injury, this wintery combination can be life-threatening. Navigating through the snow and ice conditions is only half the battle when there[…..]

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Parenting with a Spinal Cord Injury

Parenting is a scary prospect. The thought of raising a little human to be a good person is terrifying – as it ought to be. Both able-bodied and disabled people face a huge amount of challenges when parenting. But as in all things, a spinal cord injury requires creative thinking and problem solving to overcome[…..]

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Top SCI-Friendly Travel Destinations

Travelling after a spinal cord injury is fully possible – even if it presents unique challenges. When you’re traveling, questions arise at every turn about airports, hotels, taxis, and stairs. However, choosing the right destination can have a huge impact on your trip. With the right travel companion, you can manage to get over cobblestone[…..]