mother of disabled child

Mother’s Day: Appreciating & Supporting Moms of Children with Disabilities

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually to appreciate and honor mothers and mother figures who bring love, nurturing, and security to the lives of children. Once a woman is a mother, she is a mother for life. Many people are unaware of the history of mother’s day, and think of it as a day we shower…
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good gut health and immunity

Gut Health & Your Immune System

A healthy immune system is more important during times like these than ever before. We all want to do what we can to make our immune system as strong and healthy as possible. Prioritizing a balanced diet, getting good sleep, and regular fitness are all essential parts of a healthy immune system. Did you know…
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gratitude journal

The Power of Gratitude

At its essence, gratitude is feeling joy for the blessings in life. Gratitude encompasses everything, including people, states of being, feelings, material possessions, opportunities, and emotions. Actively practicing gratitude fosters a mindset of positive thinking, and this can greatly improve mental and physical health.  Being grateful helps us focus on the good and gives us…
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Man eating a healthy snack while looking at his dog

Stress and Gut Health

Times are more stressful these days with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic upending normal routines and creating uncertainty and anxiety for everyone. Now more than ever we need to stay focused on self-care as much as possible, and prioritize healthy habits and stress-relieving techniques to maintain mental and physical wellbeing under difficult circumstances. Gut Health and…
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A person wearing a yellow shirt holding a red heart

National Walking Day & Inspirational from Wheelchair Users Who Walked Again

National Walking Day falls on April 1st each year, but for wheelchair users the idea of learning to walk again is no joke. Being told you will never walk again is one of the more difficult things wheelchair users face. While walking again may not be a possibility for all wheelchair users, we wanted to…
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Family playing with their dog while on a walk

International Wheelchair Day – The Incredible Things People are Doing in Wheelchairs

Each year on March 1st we celebrate International Wheelchair Day to honor the positive impact wheelchairs have for people with disabilities. We also acknowledge the incredible things wheelchairs users accomplish every day. It is a day to raise awareness about the fact that there are millions of people who need wheelchairs but do not have…
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picture of woman in wheelchair

Stylish & Adaptive Clothing Brands

The development of adaptive clothing has greatly increased the freedom and independence of disabled persons. And toward that end, it has been a great blessing, but unfortunately so many of the adaptive clothing options out there were still a bit out of touch on the fashion front. Of course, the first priority of adaptive clothing…
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