The Best Way to Get Your Kids & Their Bowels Moving!

The Best Way to Get Your Kids & Their Bowels Moving!
It is time to wiggle and giggle your way into staying active with your kids! How can you do it? By dancing, of course! Kids of all ages love to burn energy through song and dance. It doesn't take much more than putting on their favorite music to get them on their feet and having a blast. Keeping fit is a vital part of a healthy bowel routine, but it can be difficult to come up with new and creative ways to get kids to exercise. We put together some of our favorite kids' playlists according to age group. Depending on your child, feel free to mix and match to suit their specific needs. With the wide range of available sources, you will easily inspire your children to get up and boogie. You can make it extra fun by joining them!

Kids Playlists: Ages 1-3

Your little ones are at the age where simple and repetitive songs are excellent for brain development, and getting their wiggles started. While these songs may be a bit repetitive, these playlists help keep you sane and encourage them to move their bodies!

Kids Playlists: Ages 4-6

Children aged four to six love to dance and sing, especially when others are involved! Turn up the tunes and hit the dance floor. Not only is it good for their bowels, but it helps them to develop coordination and balance!

Kids Playlists: Ages 7-9

Your kids know what they love, and they will adore these playlists. Encourage them to dance like nobody's business! If you feel extra creative, challenge them to create a dance routine, and perform it at home!

Kids Playlists: Ages 9-12

Your kiddos are reaching an age where their music tastes are becoming developed, but we still want to keep it clean. These playlists are fun and feature a wide selection of music while staying kid-friendly! Make it extra fun and encourage them to create music videos for you! Do you need more ideas to keep your kids active? Check out our article on 20 Ways to Stay Active with Kids During COVID for a plethora of fun and fantastic ideas that will get your kids moving!

DocuSol® Kids Can Help!

Sometimes, despite all the best efforts with nutrition, hydration, and exercise, kids need a little help relieving constipation. DocuSol® Kids is a first-of-its-kind, mini enema with a non-irritating formula that functions as a stool-softening hyperosmotic laxative by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues, replicating a normal bowel movement. This unique formulation provides children ages 2–12 fast, predictable relief of constipation within 2 – 15 minutes. DocuSol® Kids was designed for easy use at home. The DocuSol® Kids tube is designed to offer a minimally invasive, soft, and flexible tip, avoiding any scratching or irritation to the skin. Just a 5-milliliter tube delivering 100mg of docusate sodium, the medication provides fast relief in just a few, easy steps! Learn more about DocuSol® Kids on our website, including where to buy, doctor tips, family resources, and frequently asked questions. Disclaimer: The material contained is for reference purposes only. Alliance Labs, LLC, and Summit Pharmaceuticals do not assume responsibility for patient care. Consult a physician prior to use. Copyright 2020 Summit Pharmaceuticals and Alliance Labs, LLC.