Safe & Fun New Year’s Activities for Kids

Safe & Fun New Year’s Activities for Kids
New Year’s day is fast approaching and this year is a good year to think ahead due to coronavirus and restrictions on gathering in groups. Traditions you may have had in the past, like going to First Night celebrations or hosting a party, just aren’t feasible this year. Fear not, as there are still several fun things to do together safely as a family - and stay awake until the ball drops!

New Year's Eve Balloon Countdown

A New Year's Eve 'Balloon Countdown' is a fun game you can prepare in advance to keep the kids entertained all night long. Set up is easy!
  1. Count how many hours are in your New Year's celebration (if the party starts at 6, it would be 6 hours until midnight, for example).
  2. For each hour you need 1 balloon and 1 piece of paper. Each hour has its own activity, which can include making cupcakes, playing charades, playing hide and seek, a pinata, or any of the activities listed below.
  3. Before the party starts, write down each activity on a piece of paper.
  4. Next, put 1 activity paper in each balloon and blow them up. Label each balloon with the time it needs to be popped.
Throughout the night, when the hour strikes, have the kids pop the balloon and complete the activity! For multiple kids, you will likely want to have enough balloons and pieces of paper for each kid to have a balloon to pop (with the same activity inside).

Find the Cherry

Warning: this can get MESSY! If you’re not intimidated by a little mess, let your kids have a sticky adventure by playing this game. Here is how it works:
  1. Parents fill up bowls with whipped cream and a cherry hidden inside.
  2. Give each child their own bowl.
  3. The child must find the cherry without using their hands.
  4. The fastest kiddo gets a prize!
  5. Afterwards, have a mini ‘clean-up party’ that includes washing hands and wiping up runaway cream. To keep them motivated, offer a small prize to each kid for cleaning up.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Get your kids moving on New Year’s Eve! This helps burn off energy and maintain proper digestion after consuming holiday treats. An indoor treasure hunt will have them running all around the house!
  1. Choose a variety of items to hide. Head to your local dollar store for prize ideas that are fun and affordable! Ideas include stickers, coloring books, activity books, little puzzles, figurines, and more. Try to find prizes that engage their brain and give the kids some screen-free fun time.
  2.  Write a list of the items on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or piece of paper. (You don't want to forget what you hid!).
  3. Carefully hide each item (when the kids aren't around). Make some items easy to find and others more challenging. Note: if there is a room that you don't want the kids to scavenge, put tape over the door or use a sign saying that it is off-limits.
  4. Explain the rules for the kids and set them free.
They have to return it to the main room for each item they find and write their name on the board as the finder. Keep going until all the items have been found!

New Year’s Ball

This game is a good one for the whole family, as it requires a group of people. The kids will love it and it teaches the importance of reusing materials. This activity requires a little thinking ahead, as you will need to save wrapping paper from your holiday celebration. Here is the overview of how it works: Step One: After your holiday gifts have been opened on Christmas, Hanukkah, or your holiday of choice, put the used wrapping paper away until New Year's Eve. Step Two: On New Year’s Eve create a giant ball of wrapping paper and tape filled with prizes and treats. Step Three: At the center of the ball, place the best prize. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this activity:
  1. Start wrapping paper and thick tape around and around the center prize. The more tape you use, the longer the game will last. If your children are a little older, you can add an element of challenge to this and have everyone do this game wearing oven mitts!
  2. As more and more layers get added, place other small surprises (dollar bills, little prizes like the ones mentioned above, dollar lottery scratch tickets, little pieces of wrapped candy). Including prizes adults will love as well makes this game truly fun for the whole family!
  3.  Keep going until you run out of paper and have a giant ball!
  4.  When it is game time. Ask everyone to sit in a circle.
  5. The youngest kid gets to go first, unwrapping the ball as fast as they can to get as many prizes as possible.
  6. Set a timer to ding when their turn is up; we recommend 30 seconds.
  7.  When the timer dings, the ball gets passed to the right.
  8. The ball will go around the circle until it has been fully demolished.
  9. Recycle the wrapping paper.
It’s important to keep the whole family safe and healthy over the holiday break, not simply on New Year’s Eve. For more ideas on healthy and fun activities to keep the family moving, check out our posts about how to get kids (and their bowels) moving as well as 20 ways to keep the kids active during quarantine! Learn more about DocuSol® Kids on our website, including where to buy, doctor tips, family resources, and frequently asked questions. Disclaimer: The material contained is for reference purposes only. Alliance Labs, LLC, and Summit Pharmaceuticals do not assume responsibility for patient care. Consult a physician prior to use. Copyright 2020 Summit Pharmaceuticals and Alliance Labs, LLC.