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Pregnancy and SCI

A common question women with spinal cord injury (SCI) have post-injury is: will I be able to have children?  There is no evidence that SCI affects a woman’s fertility or ability to carry a pregnancy. However, women with spinal cord injury can have some unique challenges, so it’s important to be as informed as possible…

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Spina Bifida Awareness Month

Image credit/link: Spina Bifida Association – Awareness Month ( Nearly 166,000 people in the United States have Spina Bifida.1 The literal meaning for Spina Bifida is “split spine” and it usually occurs within the first month of pregnancy when the neural tube is forming.  The severity of the disease varies depending on several factors, including…

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National Disability Employee Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), which is led by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.  The real spirit of NDEAM is found in the ways we honor and participate in securing employment opportunities for people with disabilities across the United States.  2021’s theme is: “America’s Recovery: Powered by…

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Bowel Care Mini Series: Incontinence & Skin Integrity

Welcome to the fifth monthly episode of our Bowel Care Mini Series, hosted in the Enemeez Thrive Facebook Community and led by Thrive Advocate, Scott Chesney. In this episode, Scott interviews Beth Householder with Quest Healthcare, a Division of Quest Products, LLC on Incontinence & Skin Integrity. Hear about causes and understanding of pressure injuries,…

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constipation and fecal incontinence

Bowel Care Mini Series: Understanding Constipation and Fecal Incontinence in Spinal Cord Injury

Welcome to the fourth monthly episode of our Bowel Care Mini Series. hosted in the Enemeez Thrive Facebook Community and led by Thrive Advocate, Scott Chesney. In this episode, Scott interviews Beth Householder with Quest Healthcare, a Division of Quest Products, LLC on understanding constipation and fecal incontinence in spinal cord injury. Hear about the…

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Paralysis and Colonoscopies

While people with spinal cord injury (SCI) are not at greater risk for colon cancer than able-bodied people, studies have shown the people with SCI are less likely to get routine screenings due to apprehension about colonoscopy preparation and the risk of autonomic dysreflexia.1 “When I was nearing 50 years of age, I knew that…

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SCI awareness month

September is SCI Awareness Month

September is national SCI Awareness Month. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center’s “Facts and Figures at a Glance 2020”, there are approximately 296,000 Americans currently living with SCI, and about 17,900 new cases each year. People with SCI can live full, productive, and rewarding lives. To do so, it’s essential that they…

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Bowel Care

Can Spinal Problems Cause Bowel Problems?

Spinal cord injury (SCI) interferes with the signals sent between the brain and the bowel, making proper bowel care management essential to reduce the risk of injury, illness, or accidents.  Every injury is different, and every person will have different bowel care needs depending on their mobility and level of injury.  Quadriplegic Bowel Care Injuries…

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Autonomic Dysreflexia

Sunburn and Autonomic Dysreflexia

Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) occurs, to at least some extent, in up to 90% of people with cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) and those with upper thoracic injury above level T6.  AD can happen when an irritation below the level of injury occurs but the signals sent to the brain to respond to the irritant are…

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What to Watch: Top TV Shows & Movies Featuring Individuals with Disabilities

It can be difficult to find television shows and films that authentically and accurately portray people with disabilities, especially when the show or film isn’t centered around a character’s disability but rather the richness of the character’s entire life.  It’s equally important to have shows and movies that help educate the public about what it’s…

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Bowel care personal journey

Bowel Care Mini Series: Personal Journey

Welcome to the third monthly episode of our Bowel Care Mini Series, hosted in the Enemeez Thrive Facebook Community and led by Thrive Advocate, Scott Chesney. In this episode, Scott interviews Ryan Gebauer with Quest Healthcare, a Division of Quest Products, LLC on his personal journey. Hear about what has changed since Ryan’s injury over…

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bowel care

Bowel Care Mini Series: Autonomic Dysreflexia

Welcome to the second monthly episode of our Bowel Care Mini Series, hosted in the Enemeez Thrive Facebook Community and led by Thrive Advocate, Scott Chesney. In this episode, Scott interviews Margaret Swantko & Ryan Gebauer with Quest Healthcare, a Division of Quest Products, LLC on Autonomic Dysreflexia. Understand the different types of autonomic dysreflexia,…

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life hacks for people with disabilities

Easy “Life Hacks” for People with Disabilities

While most people are familiar with the concept of a “life hack” by now, for those who haven’t heard it yet a life hack is a helpful shortcut designed to make your life easier using inexpensive and/or everyday items. For people with disabilities, life hacks not only save time and money, but add to quality…

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pressure injuries

Bowel Care Mini Series: Pressure Injuries

Welcome to the first monthly episode of our Bowel Care Mini Series, hosted in the Enemeez Thrive Facebook Community and led by Thrive Advocate, Scott Chesney. In this episode, Scott interviews Beth Householder with Quest Healthcare, a Division of Quest Products, LLC on Pressure Injuries. Understand the different types of pressure injuries, symptoms, prevention and…

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Summer Skin Care

Summer is right around the corner! Time to look forward to warmer days, fun in the sun, and maybe even a nice beach vacation.  It’s important to have proper skin care all year round, but in the heat of summer, it is even more essential to take steps to reduce the risk of skin breakdown….

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The Best Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

The long days of winter are over, and spring is here! As the weather gets warmer, it’s fun to think about hitting the beach this summer. For mobility-impaired people the beach can be slightly overwhelming. It helps to find beaches that are wheelchair accessible to make your day by the water as stress-free and fun…

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Young cerebral palsy patient

How to Care for a Paralyzed Person at Home

Caregiving for a loved one is one of the most powerful ways to help someone with limited mobility or paralysis. It helps people live fuller, healthier, more connected, and independent lives. While being a caregiver may not be something you chose, or ever thought you’d do, life sometimes has other plans. It can feel overwhelming…

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Circle of male wheelchair basketball players in 20s and 30s meeting in gymnasium and reaching in for team high-five. Adaptive sports.

Adaptive Equipment and Sports Groups for SCI [Empowering Your Independence]

Long gone are the days when a spinal cord injury (SCI) meant living a life of limited mobility and restricted activities. These days many people with SCI live rich, full lives that are nearly the same as they did pre-injury! The History of Adaptive and Group Sports One of the ways people with SCI have…

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disabled Young man in electric wheelchair on a boardwalk enjoying his freedom and observing nature

Skin Hygiene and Spinal Cord Injury

Skin is the largest organ in the body and though we may not think about it often, skin plays an important role in overall health and wellness, particularly for people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Skin protects the body from germs and illness in many important ways. In addition to controlling body temperature in both…

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urinary infection prevention

Urinary Infection Prevention, Neurogenic Bowel & SCI

  According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), many people with spinal cord injury (SCI) face problems with urinary stasis due to neurogenic bladder. Neurogenic bladder refers to any changes in bladder function that occur due to spinal cord injury. Depending on your level of injury, two general kinds…

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Physical therapist working with male patient with spinal cord injury (SCI)

National Spinal Cord Injury Centers

After a spinal cord injury (SCI) it’s important to access a rehabilitation center that can optimize your recovery, but it can be difficult to know where to start. When selecting a spinal rehab center, proximity to where you live is a key factor to consider, but it’s also important to be sure the rehabilitation center…

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Person in wheelchair with hand on movement controll

Avoiding Blood Clots After Spinal Cord Injury

Image Credit: amazing studio A blood clot is just what it sounds like: a thickening of the blood. People with spinal cord injury (SCI) are at particular risk for blood clots, also referred to as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Risk is often higher in the days and weeks following injury, usually during a stay at…

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sci awareness month

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month 2020

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve, Still Me   The effects of a spinal cord injury (“SCI”) can be life-altering, and present challenges to people with SCI and their loved ones. Millions worldwide are living with paralysis,…

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Close-up of male hand on wheel of wheelchair during walk in park. He holds his hands on the wheel.

Keys to an Effective Bowel Training Process

While some form of bowel retraining is most commonly needed for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and certain illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or Spina Bifida, a bowel training program can benefit anyone who experiences bowel and/or stool irregularities. If you experience chronic constipation, have become reliant on laxatives to pass…

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TBI Traumatic Brain Injury written in notebook

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Bowel Management

Though traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause varying symptoms, one symptom that people typically speak about less openly is loss of bowel control. Before we discuss effective bowel management programs for people with TBI, however, it is important to focus on why a loss of bowel control occurs in the first place. How does the…

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mother of disabled child

Mother’s Day: Appreciating & Supporting Moms of Children with Disabilities

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually to appreciate and honor mothers and mother figures who bring love, nurturing, and security to the lives of children. Once a woman is a mother, she is a mother for life. Many people are unaware of the history of mother’s day, and think of it as a day we shower…

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memorial day military discounts

Disabled Veterans: Benefits & Military Discounts

Veterans and their families give so much serving our country, and earn our respect and gratitude all year long. May is a special month for our nation’s veterans, however, as it is National Military Appreciation Month which is celebrated every year to honor veterans for their courage, sacrifice, and dedication. May is also when we…

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good gut health and immunity

Gut Health & Your Immune System

A healthy immune system is more important during times like these than ever before. We all want to do what we can to make our immune system as strong and healthy as possible. Prioritizing a balanced diet, getting good sleep, and regular fitness are all essential parts of a healthy immune system. Did you know…

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gratitude journal

The Power of Gratitude

At its essence, gratitude is feeling joy for the blessings in life. Gratitude encompasses everything, including people, states of being, feelings, material possessions, opportunities, and emotions. Actively practicing gratitude fosters a mindset of positive thinking, and this can greatly improve mental and physical health.  Being grateful helps us focus on the good and gives us…

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gut health

Stress and Gut Health

Times are more stressful these days with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic upending normal routines and creating uncertainty and anxiety for everyone. Now more than ever we need to stay focused on self-care as much as possible, and prioritize healthy habits and stress-relieving techniques to maintain mental and physical wellbeing under difficult circumstances. Gut Health and…

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blue book titled Multiple Sclerosis book

Constipation, Incontinence, and Multiple Sclerosis

Constipation can be one of the more uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”). Approximately 35% of people with MS experience constipation, and 25% of people with MS report at least one episode of incontinence per week.  It is important to consult with a physician before commencing any medications or other forms of constipation…

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A person wearing a yellow shirt holding a red heart

National Walking Day & Inspirational from Wheelchair Users Who Walked Again

National Walking Day falls on April 1st each year, but for wheelchair users the idea of learning to walk again is no joke. Being told you will never walk again is one of the more difficult things wheelchair users face. While walking again may not be a possibility for all wheelchair users, we wanted to…

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Doctor analysing brain scrans

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the theme for 2018-2020 Brain Injury Awareness Month is Change Your Mind, designed to alter misconceptions about brain injury, educate people on the needs of individuals with brain injury and their families, promote awareness, and advocate for access to care after brain injury. The #ChangeYourMind Campaign’s mission is…

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Family playing with their dog while on a walk

International Wheelchair Day – The Incredible Things People are Doing in Wheelchairs

Each year on March 1st we celebrate International Wheelchair Day to honor the positive impact wheelchairs have for people with disabilities. We also acknowledge the incredible things wheelchairs users accomplish every day. It is a day to raise awareness about the fact that there are millions of people who need wheelchairs but do not have…

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Women in a blue shirt making heart sign with hands

Enemeez Quick Enema – Time Matters with Bowel Management

For people with spinal cord injury (SCI) there is more at stake than the pain and discomfort of the symptoms of constipation. For people with SCI, there are greater health risks involved and the need for a fast-acting enema can be paramount to effective bowel care. Quick Enema and Spinal Cord Injury Spinal Cord Injury,…

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Toilet paper rolls with blue in the background

Mini Enema

Mini Enema Explained Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in primary, acute, and long-term care settings in the United States. An estimated 42 million individuals in the United States have bowel issues or constipation. And an estimated 1 million have incontinence. For people with conditions that can require a regular bowel care program, such…

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black history Achievements & Contributions sign

Celebrating Black History Month: Honoring African American Disability Advocates

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month to honor African American achievements, and recognize the pivotal contributions African Americans have made throughout the history of the United States. The 2020 theme for Black History Month is “African Americans and the Vote,” in honor of the centennial anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted women’s suffrage,…

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Dog laying on persons lap with a cup of tea next to them

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is vitally important for all people, whether one has a disability or not. Finding a healthy balance between life, family, and work while living with a disability can be overwhelming at times. To maintain peace of mind, health, and overall wellness, it’s essential to make time to take care of yourself. With Valentine’s Day…

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Man in straw grass field

Tools & Techniques to Maximize Arm and Hand Function After Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to any part of the spinal cord. This damage can lead to loss of function and sensation in the parts of the body served by the spinal cord below the location of the injury. Individuals whose injury occurs above cervical vertebrae C6 and C7 usually experience paralysis or…

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uti dice

UTI Prevention Tips for People with SCI

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused when bacteria invade the bladder or kidneys.  UTIs can also affect the ureters and urethra. People with SCI have an increased risk of developing urinary tract infection, usually caused by incomplete voiding, catheter use, and/or elevated intravesical pressure. Urinary Tract Infection Causes Most people with SCI lose regular urinary…

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Healthy spinal cord example

Bone Health After Spinal Cord Injury

Following a spinal cord injury (SCI), people can experience bone loss and muscle atrophy. Bone density decreases from the point of injury, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. While the loss of bone density is one of the most common conditions following SCI, there are several ways to manage bone health and reduce risk….

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Family sitting at dinning table eating togather

Spinal Cord Injury in Children: A Parents Post Injury Guide

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding, joyful, and challenging things in life. When your child has a spinal cord injury (SCI) it is life-changing for the entire family. Parents want to provide their children with all the love and support they can, and there are many questions parents have after their child…

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Woman in a wheelchair talking on the phone

9 Things that Drive Wheelchair Users Crazy

There are some experiences – both positive and negative – that only wheelchair users could understand. For people who don’t have any experience with wheelchairs, either directly or indirectly, there are some things that are helpful to know about wheelchair etiquette. Most of us want to do the right thing, and can inadvertently have a…

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bowel system example

Effective Bowel Program for Quadriplegic

Spinal cord injury (SCI) often causes a bowel problem by disrupting the way the brain and bowel communicate with each other about when the bowel needs to be emptied. When this system is disrupted the *bowel no longer works like it did pre-injury and causes complications that range from constipation to accidents. The Relationship Between…

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Sex, Intimacy and Spinal Cord Injury

Sex, Intimacy and Spinal Cord Injury

Sex and intimacy are an integral part of the development and experience of all people. Today, there is more information than ever for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and paralysis who have questions about what their sex and intimate life will be like post-injury. It’s a common question from both men and women: can…

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Young person in a wheelchair looking over city from hotel

How to Set New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

It’s that time of year again, when we resolve to change our habits – finally lose weight, work out every day, get organized, stop procrastinating, etc. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because many of us make the same resolutions every year, only to have them fall away days or weeks after we make them….

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rear view of a man in wheelchair at the airport with focus on hand

Traveling with a Disability

People with a disability can, and do, travel all over the world. While there may be some places that, due to the terrain or location, aren’t accessible for all disabilities, with planning and preparation people with disabilities can go virtually anywhere they want! Like Thrive Advocate, Craig Kennedy, who went live from Dubai in our…

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Mother pushing son in a wheelchair at a bookstore

National Disability Day: Compassion, Education & Support

“There is no one on the face of this Earth who is guaranteed living a portion of his/her life without a disability.  This should not scare you, but motivate you to learn more about this segment, which constitutes nearly 20% of the nation’s population.” – Scott Chesney, Coach & Consultant | Alliance & Thrive Advocate…

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Rear view of man and a women in a wheelchair holding hands outdoors

Communication in Relationships After a Spinal Cord Injury

Maintaining honest communication in key relationships – even in the best of times – takes dedication, mutual trust, and vigilance.  When the challenges and stressors that accompany spinal cord injury (SCI) are added to the mix, it is more important than ever to keep open and honest lines of communication in relationships flowing. Spinal cord…

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disabled veterans tennis player hits the ball

Adaptive Sports: Improving the Lives of Disabled Veterans

Our nation’s veterans have proven their bravery, commitment, and strength through their service to our country, so it should come as no surprise that veterans continue to display these same qualities when they face life-changing spinal cord injuries. Veterans everywhere are refusing to let their injuries negatively impact their spirit and determination, and they are…

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Butterfly taking flight from women's hand

The Power of Positive Thinking for People with Spinal Cord Injury

“The only place that a true disability can reside is in one’s attitude…and that is a choice.” ~ Scott Chesney, Speaker, Coach & Consultant | Alliance Advocate Is your attitude where you want it to be?  Is it a positive one or a negative one? The good thing is that every moment of the day…

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thank you veterans day vet employment message

History of Veterans Day and Vet Employment

Impactful Ways to Honor Veterans Day Every American has heard of Veterans Day, but we want to take a moment to reflect on the deep history and meaning behind this day when we honor and celebrate all American veterans, past and present. We also want to talk about some of the most pressing issues veterans face…

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Photographer on a hill in a wheelchair taking a photo of the beautiful view

Meet the Thrive Advocates

In October 2019, Enemeez® launched The Thrive Community. Enemeez® goal in launching Thrive was to provide a safe, engaging and educational space for any person with a disability, their caretakers and healthcare providers. Ask questions, connect with peers and empower each other through open communication and engagement and share the power of ‘choosing to thrive’….

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Wooden blocks that spell out "career" surrounded by multi colored arrows

Thrive Community: Disability and Career? You can do it!

Hello Thrive Community!  With October being National Disability Employment Month, I thought we should examine the possibilities of you getting back to work, starting to work, changing careers, or even just beginning to think about working or a career if you are not quite at that age to be employed yet. If there is ever…

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A qoute by Scott Chesney saying "The only place a true disability can reside is in one's attitude...and that is a choice"

Thrive Community: Can’t change disability? Change your attitude!

Hello Thrive Community!  My name is Scott Chesney and I am thrilled to become a part of the Enemeez Team to bring to the table as much motivation, inspiration, and action steps to best support you in your Personal Empowerment. So no matter if you are new to your disability, were born with your disability,…

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Top Four Ted Talks on Disabilities and Paralysis

In need of some inspiration or motivation? There are some amazing TED talks out there, and we’ve done the homework for you! The following is a list of some of the top TED talks about paralysis, disabilities, and the power of the human spirit.   A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person – Janine Shepard…

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Women pointing something out to a man in a wheelchair at a park

Sleep Apnea in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Sleeping Disorders After Spinal Cord Injury Sleep is an integral part of health of body, mind, and spirit, and not getting enough sleep can lead to a myriad of health complications for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), including increased pain, depression, weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For people with SCI, healthy sleep hygiene…

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The words I can't written on a paper with " 't "" being cut out

Self-Empowerment: The Power of Choosing to Thrive

“It’s about not settling for mediocrity,” says Scott Chesney, Speaker, Coach & Consultant, and Alliance Advocate, as he delivers a speech to an enthralled crowd from a stage. Scott continues: “With mediocrity I think of surviving, getting by, of coasting. I’m tired of surviving; I want to thrive. Disability is not synonymous with limitation. You…

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Older man in pain holdin his back

Work After A Spinal Cord Injury

 Returning to Work After a Spinal Cord Injury A spinal cord injury (SCI) is an event that permanently alters the course of your life, including your employment. It’s common to wonder about working after a spinal cord injury, and to have several questions and concerns. There are many jobs that are possible to continue working…

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Myths or Facts

Nine Common Myths About Spinal Cord Injuries

Facing a spinal cord injury (SCI) is difficult, and individual and families have several questions and concerns. Many people turn to the internet for answers, and while there are truly great resources out there, there is also a whole lot of misinformation. To combat some of the misinformation that circulates around the web, we’ve put…

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National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

National Spinal Cord Injury Month – The Miami Project Someone in the U.S. is paralyzed every 48 minutes. Paralysis is something most people don’t think about much unless they, or someone they love, is paralyzed due to spinal cord illness or injury (SCI). Millions worldwide are living with paralysis, and to date there is no…

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10 ways in coping with your spinal cord injury

10 Ways to Cope with a Spinal Cord Injury

Experiencing a spinal cord injury is an event that is guaranteed to change your life. Facing the challenges of everyday living can become a confusing and frustrating experience. With effects that touch on your relationships, employment, recreation, and routine; coping with a spinal cord injury is essential to leading a fulfilling life. Coping with your…

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Spinal Cord Injury Skin Hygiene

Spinal Cord Injury Skin Hygiene During the Summer Months

We hope you are having a wonderful summer! To celebrate summer fun, Enemeez would like to offer you a special $10 coupon in celebration. Please use code SUMMERFUN2019 to receive your exclusive offer. Caring for Your Skin in the Heat As temperatures heat up there is a higher chance of skin-related issues, such as infections, for…

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Legs of disable man in the robotic exoskeleton

Hyundai’s Exoskeleton Iron man Suit

Exoskeleton Technology Will Help People with Spinal Cord Injury Hyundai Motor Group and other major motor vehicle companies are developing a promising new exoskeleton technology which could provide increased mobility for people with spinal cord injury. By using the highly advanced autonomous (self-driving) vehicle technology and adapting it to be compatible with personal use, it…

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picture of doctors coat

What Causes Periodic Paralysis?

What is Periodic Paralysis? So much time is spent talking about spinal cord injuries and the resulting paralysis the periodic paralysis often gets overlooked. Periodic paralysis (or sometimes called temporary paralysis) is caused by a genetic mutation and is passed from parent to child. Periodic paralysis is relatively rare, and so it is often misdiagnosed and…

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airplane image

Quick Guide to Air Travel with a Wheelchair

Traveling by air is a real blessing of the modern world, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful. Flying somewhere requires extensive planning and preparation – especially if you’re dealing with a disability and a wheelchair. We’ll cover each aspect from flying – from arriving at the airport to arraigning for ground transportation at your…

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picture of woman in wheelchair

Stylish & Adaptive Clothing Brands

The development of adaptive clothing has greatly increased the freedom and independence of disabled persons. And toward that end, it has been a great blessing, but unfortunately so many of the adaptive clothing options out there were still a bit out of touch on the fashion front. Of course, the first priority of adaptive clothing…

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picture of car driving

Driving After a Spinal Cord Injury

For so many people, especially in America, driving is a big part of our lives. And while that idea has recently been weakened with improved public transportation and walkable neighborhoods, vehicular travel is still a daily routine for many people. One common struggle after a spinal cord injury comes from the loss of mobility and…

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picture of microscope

8 of the Most Exciting Developments in Spinal Injury Repair

Over the last 75 years, there have been massive advances in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries. Where a spinal cord injury (SCI) once meant a lifetime confined to a hospital bed. Now advances in technology and treatment have given new life to those who have suffered an SCI. As medical and technological…

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picture of winter roads Cold Weather Safety After an SCI

Cold Weather Safety After an SCI

For those of us who live in cold weather climates, winter means serious business. Impassable roads and power outages are a regular part of life. When you add to complications of a spinal cord injury, this wintery combination can be life-threatening. Navigating through the snow and ice conditions is only half the battle when there…

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Bowel Care Veterans Benefit picture of VA logo VA Healthcare

Improvements to VA Healthcare

The VA healthcare system has been under fire over the last few years – and rightfully so. There has been a serious effort at the VA to improve their dire situation, but it is worth asking about their success. VA By the Numbers Looking at the numbers, the VA should be on the road to…

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Parenting SCI picture of kids playing

Parenting with a Spinal Cord Injury

Parenting is a scary prospect. The thought of raising a little human to be a good person is terrifying – as it ought to be. Both able-bodied and disabled people face a huge amount of challenges when parenting. But as in all things, a spinal cord injury requires creative thinking and problem solving to overcome…

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Top Spinal Cord Injury Friendly Travel Destinations picture of airplane

Top SCI-Friendly Travel Destinations

Travelling after a spinal cord injury is fully possible – even if it presents unique challenges. When you’re traveling, questions arise at every turn about airports, hotels, taxis, and stairs. However, choosing the right destination can have a huge impact on your trip. With the right travel companion, you can manage to get over cobblestone…

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picture of wheelchair basketball

WWII Vets and the Birth of a Sport

In the years before World War II, few people survived a serious spinal cord injury and those who did lived out their lives confined to a hospital bed. Fortunately, much of that changed as veterans began returning home from the war having suffered from severe injury. Advances in medical technology – most notably penicillin and…

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Working Out Indoors During Winter Months Men exercising in wheelchairs in public gym image

Working Out Indoors During Winter Months

It can be difficult to stay active during the harsh weather and freezing temps during the winter months. But finding ways to stay healthy and keeping up with working out doesn’t have to be hard. Many indoor fitness centers for people with disabilities offer a wide variety of adaptive equipment. Here are some of the…

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Connecting With Your Family While Helping Others

  Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, and it also has many surprising benefits for the volunteer. Helping others can help you reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and give you a sense of purpose. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount…

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Invictus Games American service men and businessmen left, British men right in hero line up.

Invictus Games 101

It may be too late to get involved in the Sept. 2017 Invictus Games held in Toronto, but plenty of time to plan for the next one. Mark your calendar for Oct. 18-29, when the 2018 games will be held in Sydney, Australia. More than 500 athletes representing 17 nations will compete. What are the…

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Salute the Troops – Resources for Veterans

  Paralyzed veterans have many resources available to them, whether they need help with accessibility, mobility, housing options, caregiver resources, employment opportunities or medical resources. Knowing where to look or who to call isn’t always easy. Below are some resources for you to consider.   Paralyzed Veterans of America – 10 years ago, PVA launched…

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Guardians for Disabled Vets

Each year, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) assists more than 1 million veterans and family members by helping them to access their benefits, educating communities about the needs of veterans, and serving as an advocate on Capitol Hill for America’s healing heroes. There are 1.3 million DAV members. Eligibility includes any veteran who served during a…

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Cooking as a Family

    We have all read about the importance of families sitting down together to dinner (or any meal really) on a regular basis. It’s a great time to really ask your kids how they’re doing and have important and meaningful conversations as a family. You can make this mealtime experience more beneficial by preparing…

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Assistive Technology – Making Life a Little Easier

Assistive technology is available nationwide and many rehabilitation-focused state agencies provide disabled people and their families resources and services related to everything from care options and vehicle modification to employment and home/workplace modification. One example of a vehicle modification is a van that takes voice commands and has two different joysticks that allow a person…

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Sipping Smoothies on a Hot Day: Nutrients in a Glass

During the summer heat, there are a few great ways you get your kids to drink their nutrients – in a cool and refreshing way. Fresh pressed juice bars and juicing machines for the home have both become extremely popular. Juicing is a great way to provide children with the nutrients they need without them…

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Hidden Heroes: Military Caregivers

  In September 2016, Senator Elizabeth Dole and actor Tom Hanks launched the Elizabeth Dole Foundation Hidden Heroes campaign for military caregivers. Campaign goals include increasing awareness of caregiver challenges and rallying support from communities to meet the needs of America’s 5.5 million military caregivers. Other organizations such as Fisher House Foundation and the Christopher…

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New Fitness Program Ideas and Resources for the New Year

  It’s a new year, which for many people means new resolutions. If your resolution is to exercise more and you’re dealing with a spinal cord injury, it can be difficult. There are many resources available for finding an exercise regimen that works for you. Check out the video series from the Northwest Regional Spinal…

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Potty Training: Tricks and Tips

  Potty training can be exciting for parents (no more diapers!) but it can also be a trying time for many as they navigate through the process with a series of trials and errors. We hope these tips will help you along your journey: First, every child is different. This is important to remember if…

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Veterans Armed with Modular Prosthetic Limbs

Anyone tracking the newest advancements in prosthetics is familiar with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Since 1958, DARPA has introduced ingenious technologies for the U.S. military, to include prosthetic devices for wounded warriors. Much has been invested in lower-limb prosthetics, enabling many service members to return to duty. DARPA recognized a need for…

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Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation

As we head into the winter holiday season, we tend to focus on our families. And that’s exactly what the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation does. Hopeless. Alone. Overwhelmed. Broken. These are just a few words to describe the thoughts racing through the mind of a victim of a spinal cord injury, and their family as…

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Writing Through Recovery

  Tiffiny Carlson was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.  As a teenager, she was very active and enjoyed fashion.  In 1993, at the age of 14, Tiffiny sustained a C6 spinal cord injury from a diving accident.  After being discharged from rehab, she wanted to learn how to be more independent.  A year later,…

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Shopping Military Charities

Winter holidays are marked by the unmistakable ringing bell of the Salvation Army; one of hundreds of thousands of organizations that offer programs and services supporting the military community. A dollar here, five bucks there; how much is enough to make a difference and to whom? It pays to do some homework so you know…

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Assistance for Paralyzed Veterans

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we’re reminded that many disabled veterans are in need of assistance, whether it’s medical, financial or personal. Paralyzed Veterans of America helps veterans fight for proper medical treatment, offers job placement assistance, provides adaptive sports programs and offers various services and equipment free of charge because of generous donations. We…

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Employers Scouting Veterans

  Formerly known as “Armistice Day” to celebrate the end of World War I, and dubbed a national holiday in 1938, November 11 was renamed “Veterans Day” by President Eisenhower in 1954.  The purpose of Veterans Day is to show appreciation and tribute for American veterans who served or continue to serve our country honorably…

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Ian’s Ride Across Washington

  Born and raised in San Diego, California, Ian Mackay was an avid cyclist and outdoorsman.  Ian rode everywhere by bicycle, even to attend classes at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  In 2008, Ian was cycling after class when he lost control of his bicycle and crashed.  The impact caused Ian to sever his…

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Finding New Life Within Sports

  Twelve years ago, Chris Holcomb’s life was running smoothly; he was an active father and employee for a great company.  On August 28, 2004, Chris was driving home on Interstate 95 when he suddenly lost control of his car and slammed into a tree.  All he remembers after waking up 48 days later from…

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Caregivers Need Care Too

November is National Family Caregivers month and it’s not only a time to make sure our caregivers know how much we appreciate them, it’s a time to make sure they’re taking a break and taking care of themselves. Here are a few reminders for caregivers: Take care of yourself so you have the energy to…

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Caring for Military Family Caregivers

Imagine being weeks away from the return of a deployed spouse, dizzy with excitement over doing all of the things you’ve missed. Quiet moments, flag football before turkey and pumpkin pie; holiday parties with friends, and finally taking that ski vacation. Then one phone call changes everything. Family caregivers are rarely prepared for what’s ahead…

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Online Learning: It Could be Right for You!

Online education has become more and more popular, and is a great way to get the education you deserve in the comfort of your own home. Between 1998 and 2008, there was a 150% increase in the number of students selecting distance-learning courses as a part of their regular college curriculum. Almost 40% of all…

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Military Kids Can School Civilians

Did you know that of nearly 2M military children, most move 6-9 times during their K-12 years? A permanent change of station (PCS), or military reassignment, doesn’t always allow kids to complete a school year in one place. Growing up as an Army brat, I remember that kids were always coming and going throughout the…

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“Paying It Forward” One Session At A Time

  On June 23, 2007, Matt Carter celebrated his 21st birthday while a student at the University of North Florida, double majoring in Business Administration and Transportation Logistics.  Matt was your typical college student, attending classes, studying for exams, living independently and enjoying college life.  On July 19, 2007, Matt experienced a spontaneous epidural hematoma,…

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3 Top Resources for Vets with SCI

3 Top Resources for Vets with SCI By Tara Mogan Veterans with a spinal cord injury (SCI) may receive up to 100 percent monthly disability compensation, and additional compensation for lost use of hands or feet. Service-connected disabilities are also often eligible for such benefits as counseling, adaptive housing, and financial assistance for at-home care….

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Amy Van Dyken Helps SCI Community

When world-famous Olympic athlete Amy Van Dyken became the victim of a spinal cord injury as a result of an all terrain vehicle accident, the public watched the news story with disbelief. Amy was in the national spotlight for many years as an athlete, and after the life-altering accident she was thrust into the spotlight…

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Woody Pack

Woody Beckham was always involved with sports as a teenager.  After high school, Woody went to play for Florida Atlantic University’s rugby team.  On January 29, 2011, Woody’s life changed after a head first tackle during an away rugby game against the University of Miami.  Woody was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, whereby he learned…

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Triumph Foundation

  The word Triumph means to have great victory or achievement.  The mission of the Triumph Foundation “is to provide resources to the newly injured and to triumph over their injury so they can continue with life”.  Andrew Skinner, the executive director and founder of the Triumph Foundation, is a C4-6 quadriplegic.  He sustained his…

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Military Medicine Goes Out on a Limb

  When Forest Gump fans think of “Lt.Dan,” they envision an angry, paraplegic Vietnam vet condemned to a wheelchair; shunned and ignored by the America he fought for. That’s the combat veteran of conflicts past. Now, thanks to advancements in military medical care and artificial limbs, amputees have choices, which, for some, includes walking, running,…

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This 4th of July, We Salute Our Troops and Celebrate Our Veterans!

  As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, we also salute our troops and thank veterans for their service. We also recognize that disabled veterans need to know what resources are available to them so they can get the support they need and deserve. In fact, there are many resources available for veterans with spinal cord…

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Stand Up and Play

Anthony Netto was always involved with golf.  For years, he taught the sport of golf to others in his home country of South Africa, as well as running schools in Europe and Germany.  In 1991, Anthony was in the South African Military and fought in the Gulf War, whereby he was shot and became a…

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Scott Chesney – Motivational Speaker

Scott has been navigating life with paralysis for over two decades, and has presented to over one million people in 38 countries. He graciously gave us some insight into his journey: How did you become an inspirational speaker? My speaking career began in 1994 when I began speaking on behalf of The Buoniconti Fund to Cure…

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Military K9s Show Their Mettle

  Did you know that there are roughly 2,500 active duty service dogs? Of those, nearly 700 are deployed overseas. Military service dogs are also awarded with rank for their service; some even outrank their handler. Most (85 percent) military service dogs come from Germany or the Netherlands, a top military dog breeding ground for…

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Summer Camps 2016

  Summer camps are a great way to be challenged, enjoy the outdoors and also to give caregivers a well-deserved break. There are many great options for camps for children and adults with physical limitations, including Camp For All. This organization works in partnership with more than 60 non-profits to provide barrier-free camp experiences. Camp…

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Military Mental Health

  After decades of little support for and protests against military veterans, there are now more than 46,000 military support organizations eager to help America’s service members and families cope with challenges of military life, to include the aftermath of war. Initiatives such as National Mental Health Awareness Month help to shine a light on…

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Need a voice-activated computer, an experimental treatment, or a van modification? In order to remain independent and healthy, individuals living with catastrophic injuries (spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries) or catastrophic illness (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, transverse myelitis or Lou Gehrig’s disease) are always in need of technology, treatments, modifications, equipment, and/or home…

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Quality of Life Grants: Helping Non-Profits Make Life More Enjoyable

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has proudly granted funds to non-profits serving individuals with disabilities for the past 17 years. The Foundation grants money to non-profits serving in in one of three categories: Non-profits that allow participants to take part in activities that engage both the body and the mind, groups that provide solutions…

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Jerrod Kerr Rewalks

A majority of us that have sustained a spinal cord injury learn during our rehab stage how to use a wheelchair to continue to be mobile. Wheelchairs become a part of our life. We keep ourselves active everyday with hope of regaining movement of our legs, or participating in research studies that will lead to…

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Military Brats

  It may sound like a derogative term, but “military brat” is a badge of honor earned by the children of active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Military families are relocated based on duty assignments, typically moving every 2-3 years, depending on the service branch and specialty of the service member. It’s not…

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The Impossible Dream

Dreams do come true on the Impossible Dream. Twenty-five years ago, Mike Browne’s dream came true. He wanted an accessible sailboat to traverse the seas. The Impossible Dream was designed by Mike, a paraplegic from England, for wheelchair users to navigate the 60’ catamaran. The Impossible Dream is fully accessible with no barriers to maneuver around…

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Young man in wheelchair at the gym.

Fitness for People with Spinal Cord Injury – Why It’s Important

This month, we interviewed physical therapist and SCI fitness expert, Kristin Mcnealus: You have a lot of experience working with people who have spinal cord injuries. Tell us a little bit about your background. I’ve been a physical therapist for 12 years now. My work experience includes being a staff physical therapist on inpatient rehabilitation…

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bearded man doing pull ups on bar wearing a weighted vest

Jerks in the Military

Service members love a room full of jerks. The more the better. Add snatches, push-ups, wall-balls and power cleans and it’s a good day for CrossFit, a favorite flavor of workouts among the military. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces must remain “mission-ready,” whether running in full gear across the desert, or supporting a cold-weather…

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Adaptive Winter Sports for Wounded Warriors

  Advancements in military medical care produce inspiring stories of wounded warriors and families able to find a “new normal” despite severe combat-related injuries. Adaptive sports programs are critical for many to find ways to enjoy life, regain confidence and thrive. The following winter adaptive sports programs are available for individuals with military combat-related disabilities…

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Advancements in Wounded Warrior Care

  The August 2015 Guide to U.S. Military Casualty Statistics reports 52,351 wounded service members, including 1,645 with major limb amputations since 2001. Nearly 414,000 have been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, according to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. Despite those numbers, advancements in medical technology and emergency combat care created outcomes not…

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Youth Winter Adaptive Sports Programs

Enjoy the Snow!   Participating in snow sports can greatly increase self-esteem for SCI patients, especially those young adults and youths. Feeling the sun and the wind, and being one with nature, is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience. Families can also enjoy the outdoors together, and everyone can participate at their own level….

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