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It can be difficult to stay active during the harsh weather and freezing temps during the winter months. But finding ways to stay healthy and keeping up with working out doesn’t have to be hard. Many indoor fitness centers for people with disabilities offer a wide variety of adaptive equipment. Here are some of the top-rated pieces of gym equipment for those needing disability fitness equipment: UBE or arm cycle – loosens your shoulder joints and is a good warm

It may be too late to get involved in the Sept. 2017 Invictus Games held in Toronto, but plenty of time to plan for the next one. Mark your calendar for Oct. 18-29, when the 2018 games will be held in Sydney, Australia. More than 500 athletes representing 17 nations will compete. What are the Invictus Games? Established by Prince Harry, the Invictus Games are a series of sporting events that inspire healing and recovery for wounded, ill and injured

  Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, and it also has many surprising benefits for the volunteer. Helping others can help you reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and give you a sense of purpose. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your busy day. Giving in even simple ways can help others those in need and improve your health and happiness. Doing

    We have all read about the importance of families sitting down together to dinner (or any meal really) on a regular basis. It’s a great time to really ask your kids how they’re doing and have important and meaningful conversations as a family. You can make this mealtime experience more beneficial by preparing the meal together as a family. This gives you extra time to spend together, and allows your children to gain important communication and collaboration skills.

  Paralyzed veterans have many resources available to them, whether they need help with accessibility, mobility, housing options, caregiver resources, employment opportunities or medical resources. Knowing where to look or who to call isn’t always easy. Below are some resources for you to consider.   Paralyzed Veterans of America – 10 years ago, PVA launched its vocational rehabilitation and employment program, Paving Access for Veterans Employment (PAVE) with offices now located in VA medical centers in Tampa, Richmond, San Antonio,

Each year, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) assists more than 1 million veterans and family members by helping them to access their benefits, educating communities about the needs of veterans, and serving as an advocate on Capitol Hill for America’s healing heroes. There are 1.3 million DAV members. Eligibility includes any veteran who served during a period of war that was wounded, disabled, or left with a long-term illness as a result of military service, and was discharged or retired under

  In September 2016, Senator Elizabeth Dole and actor Tom Hanks launched the Elizabeth Dole Foundation Hidden Heroes campaign for military caregivers. Campaign goals include increasing awareness of caregiver challenges and rallying support from communities to meet the needs of America’s 5.5 million military caregivers. Other organizations such as Fisher House Foundation and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation also provide extensive caregiver support for military families. For more than 25 years, Fisher House Foundation has served as a no-cost

During the summer heat, there are a few great ways you get your kids to drink their nutrients – in a cool and refreshing way. Fresh pressed juice bars and juicing machines for the home have both become extremely popular. Juicing is a great way to provide children with the nutrients they need without them even knowing what vegetable they’re consuming and may not always agree to eat, like spinach and kale. Green smoothies are also a great way to

Assistive technology is available nationwide and many rehabilitation-focused state agencies provide disabled people and their families resources and services related to everything from care options and vehicle modification to employment and home/workplace modification. One example of a vehicle modification is a van that takes voice commands and has two different joysticks that allow a person with SCI to drive, steering with their right hand and accelerating with their left. The modifications mean the driver never has to touch the steering

Anyone tracking the newest advancements in prosthetics is familiar with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Since 1958, DARPA has introduced ingenious technologies for the U.S. military, to include prosthetic devices for wounded warriors. Much has been invested in lower-limb prosthetics, enabling many service members to return to duty. DARPA recognized a need for advanced upper-limb prosthetic options and invested $153 million in the 2006 launch of its Revolutionized Prosthetics program. Among the many gadgets, gizmos, droids and drones

  It’s a new year, which for many people means new resolutions. If your resolution is to exercise more and you’re dealing with a spinal cord injury, it can be difficult. There are many resources available for finding an exercise regimen that works for you. Check out the video series from the Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System: http://sci.washington.edu/info/forums/reports/exercise_2013.asp These videos give informative tips of why you should exercise, things to watch out for when exercising and guidelines for an

  Potty training can be exciting for parents (no more diapers!) but it can also be a trying time for many as they navigate through the process with a series of trials and errors. We hope these tips will help you along your journey: First, every child is different. This is important to remember if you’re training your first or your third child. Not all personalities respond to the same positive reinforcements. Patience, patience and more patience. Whether you choose

  As we head into the winter holiday season, we tend to focus on our families. And that’s exactly what the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation does. Hopeless. Alone. Overwhelmed. Broken. These are just a few words to describe the thoughts racing through the mind of a victim of a spinal cord injury, and their family as well. There are more than one million U.S. families affected by spinal cord injuries – and the entire family is emotionally and financially impacted by this

Winter holidays are marked by the unmistakable ringing bell of the Salvation Army; one of hundreds of thousands of organizations that offer programs and services supporting the military community. A dollar here, five bucks there; how much is enough to make a difference and to whom? It pays to do some homework so you know where your good intentions are going. Charity Navigator (charitynavigator.org) is a good place to start, with the largest database of non-profit organizations and respective ratings

  Tiffiny Carlson was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.  As a teenager, she was very active and enjoyed fashion.  In 1993, at the age of 14, Tiffiny sustained a C6 spinal cord injury from a diving accident.  After being discharged from rehab, she wanted to learn how to be more independent.  A year later, Tiffiny left the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute with confidence in herself to live independently as a quadriplegic.  During her independence transition, she attended Augsburg College

  Formerly known as “Armistice Day” to celebrate the end of World War I, and dubbed a national holiday in 1938, November 11 was renamed “Veterans Day” by President Eisenhower in 1954.  The purpose of Veterans Day is to show appreciation and tribute for American veterans who served or continue to serve our country honorably during war or peacetime. Many military veterans serve anywhere from a few years to more than 20; separating or retiring at an age young enough

  Born and raised in San Diego, California, Ian Mackay was an avid cyclist and outdoorsman.  Ian rode everywhere by bicycle, even to attend classes at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  In 2008, Ian was cycling after class when he lost control of his bicycle and crashed.  The impact caused Ian to sever his C2 vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from his neck down.  Ian went to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehab for his therapies; his parents were by

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we’re reminded that many disabled veterans are in need of assistance, whether it’s medical, financial or personal. Paralyzed Veterans of America helps veterans fight for proper medical treatment, offers job placement assistance, provides adaptive sports programs and offers various services and equipment free of charge because of generous donations. We spoke with the executive director of the Arizona chapter, Peter Quinn, and he gave us an overview of their offerings. “We have all types of

Imagine being weeks away from the return of a deployed spouse, dizzy with excitement over doing all of the things you’ve missed. Quiet moments, flag football before turkey and pumpkin pie; holiday parties with friends, and finally taking that ski vacation. Then one phone call changes everything. Family caregivers are rarely prepared for what’s ahead when a loved one returns wounded, ill or permanently injured from military service. An estimated 5.5 million people in the U.S. are providing informal care

November is National Family Caregivers month and it’s not only a time to make sure our caregivers know how much we appreciate them, it’s a time to make sure they’re taking a break and taking care of themselves. Here are a few reminders for caregivers: Take care of yourself so you have the energy to be caretaker for others Make sure to take respite breaks often. Accept help from others and look for resources in your area. This link can