As we celebrate Veterans Day, we’re reminded that many disabled veterans are in need of assistance, whether it’s medical, financial or personal. Paralyzed Veterans of America helps veterans fight for proper medical treatment, offers job placement assistance, provides adaptive sports programs and offers various services and equipment free of charge because of generous donations.

We spoke with the executive director of the Arizona chapter, Peter Quinn, and he gave us an overview of their offerings. “We have all types of medical equipment, wheelchairs, bath equipment, cushions, walkers, canes, slide boards and even lifts for indoor use. Veterans get priority and then the equipment is made available to the general public. We have averaged more than $250,000 worth of equipment donated in the last three years. There are a few PVA chapters with a loan closet, and there are no fees,” said Quinn.

PVA has advocacy, sports, education, meetings with social events like barbeques, community outreach and hospital service, including inspection and complaint resolution. Visit the website for a complete list of their offerings at

How You Can Help:

PVA has a need for pick up and drop off of equipment, event volunteers and on occasion assistance with mailings. To make a difference nationwide, online monetary donations are appreciated.  In several areas, used clothing donations can be picked up from your home. Check here to see if you can donate items and schedule a pickup in your community.

The best way is to get information about PVA is by checking the website at, or call your local chapter for volunteer opportunities.

For a list of the state chapters located throughout the U.S., click here. PVA currently has 72 National Service Offices nationwide.

Thank you to all veterans for your service and dedication to our country.

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